Information for members



Club Coaching


Coaching is available and is recommended for all new bowlers.  The club’s qualified coach runs free sessions on most Monday evenings throughout the season. 


The Season


The bowling season runs from mid-April until the end of September.

Monday evenings we have a league which is a £1 per person and is open to full members.

Wednesday mornings we have a league which is a £1 per person and is open to full members.

During the season we would encourage all members to enter the many in-house competitions, remember to check the dates including the final, to make sure you are available before you enter.

More information will be on the club notice boards and will be updated throughout the season.

Friday nights are club nights, the bar will be open and all members are welcome to come down to socialize and play games.


One Club, One Team


This club is run by volunteers who are passionate about the club and love lawn bowls, without them there would not be a club!

 If you would like to get involved or if you feel you have skills that you could offer please let us know.  This could include, selling raffle tickets on Charity Days, helping with the green, doing a bit of cleaning, serving behind the bar, or if you’d like to be involved in decision making at your club you could take on a role and join our committee.


Website/Social Media/WhatsApp/Newsletter


You are invited to check out the club’s website it has lots of vital information and dates for your diary.

We also have a Facebook page

We have a member’s WhatsApp group which is for day-to-day information regarding the green and club nights, if you would like to be added please let us know.  The club produces a monthly newsletter which is sent to all members by email.


Club Shirts


New members can wear a plain white top/black trousers or black knee length shorts and flat-bottomed shoes.  However, all members will be required to wear a club shirt during SDL/MDL/County matches.  Ideally, we would prefer all members to have a club shirt.

The shirts will be available from the Club House.  As a club we will have a variety of sizes in stock for you to try on. Please measure yourself carefully as the shirt will be non-returnable.  The current cost of a shirt is £30.


Membership Options Explained:


Full Member/Life Member     Fee per £100/Free

This membership includes unlimited play during the season with no green fees. You can play in all of the charity day matches, friendlies, tourist matches, Monday and Wednesday League, Club competitions, South Devon League (Ladies) or the Mid Devon League (men) also you can play in County competitions.  (A small fee may apply to all of the above).  Access to coaching with a qualified coach.

Association Member:     Fee per year £30

Only available if you are already a member of another bowling club. Depending on rink bookings you can play unlimited bowls during the season with no green fees.  Must use your own woods. Can play in charity day matches.

Roll-up Member    Fee per year £50

Cannot be a member of another club.  Can play unlimited bowls, depending on rink availability with no green fees.  Can play in charity day matches.  Use of club bowls and shoes.

Social Member:       Fee per year £20

Can come in and enjoy a drink and play on charity days.

Junior Member:    Fee per year £20

This membership includes unlimited play during the season with no green fees.  Use of club bowls/shoes.  Under 16yr olds must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Entry into Club

Please note that after you have paid for your membership for the current season, you will be informed of the keypad code for the main door to the club.  Please keep this code to yourself and if you make a note of it, please keep it in a safe place. Thank you.

Entry onto the green

To enter the green you will need to get the key for the padlock from a hook on the wall near the kitchen entrance.  After using the green and if you are the last to leave, please lock the gate and return the key to the hook.

Setting up Rinks

The rink set up is rotated from the club house end to strand end, this is to keep the wear of the green as even as possible during the season.  To check which end to set up, please check the notice in the club house.  The rink markers/numbers etc. are in a box by the hatch in the club house.  The rink has coloured marks indicating where to place the rink markers/numbers.  The rinks will be rotated 1 to 6 using a box system please use the rink indicated and rotate the blocks accordingly.