Our Values


We have a single, simple purpose to contribute to the continued success and development of Dawlish Bowling Club by adhering to and promoting a set of values that enable our members and volunteers to feel respected and valued


(1)      We commit to supporting one another and the Club aims.

(2)      We respect one another and work best as a team.

(3)      We are cheerful, welcoming and friendly at all times.

(4)      We aim to be successful, but remember it is as important to enjoy ourselves and have fun.

(5)      We use our experience and knowledge to help new members develop and grow.

(6)      We have a commitment to caring about the well-being of our fellow members.

(7)      We welcome healthy debate and ideas, but strive for solutions not barriers.

(8)      We value tradition, however recognise that we also need to embrace change to progress.


Dawlish Bowling Club Committee 2023